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Friday, September 15, 2006

Everyone's is love... - David Crosby

Unfortunately for Torontonians, our politicians don't seem to share Mr. Crosby's attitude that music is food for the soul. According to the Toronto Star, City hall is on the brink of passing new noise bylaws which would make music coming from stores, restaurants etc. illegal. If it is loud enough to be heard from the sidewalk, a noise officer will issue a ticket. Toronto will spend $350,000 a year on this program. That's right folks- $350,000 to protect us from free culture.

Why is this happening? Because people who are buying condos downtown are filing complaints. I guess they expect the downtown core of Canada's biggest city to be as quiet as a small town on a Tuesday night.

I can't even express how much this irks me. Music floating out of stores on Yonge St. has been a part of Toronto's culture for 40 years.

As if that wasn't bad enough, at last weekend's V fest, the Flaming Lips were cut after 4 songs due to noise bylaws just after 10 pm. On a Saturday night. The headlining band that most people paid big money to see, sent off the stage.

Have we really become so lame that a major rock show can't go past 10 pm on a weekend?

Have we really become so lame that music on a busy commercial street is now intolerable?

Have we really become so lame?

I believe the answer is yes. Yes, we have become that lame.


Blogger Jetsetter James said...

My dear Miz G.

Your blog rocks too!

Although, apparently, T.O is not rocking.

While I agree that I dislike noise a lot (except for Liza), it does seem a tad extreme that a band had to get off stage at 10 pm on a Saturday night.

Were they screaming: "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" into the mircrophone? Was it being piped onto the street? I highly doubt it.

Policticians rarely get it right. And condo dwellers even less so.


10:57 PM  
Blogger Jetsetter James said...

Ginny Ginette!

I finished my manuscript. All done.

You have to joing Toronto Romance Writers, and the umbrella organization RWA.

Check them out.

10:59 PM  

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